Health and Safety

If you do not exercise regularly and have not danced before, seek medical advice from your doctor about what your personal exercise limits may be.

If you are feeling ill or are in pain from an injury or are taking medication do not to dance or do any other form of exercise before consulting your doctor. The dances on this site have not been choreographed with pregnancy in mind, so we cannot recommend that you do them.

On a general level it is best not to dance after eating and leave at least 90 minutes after a meal before you start exercising. Do not dance if you have been drinking alcohol.

Always complete the warm up before you start and we recommend you stretch after dancing. If you have to stop for any reason we recommend you warm up again to avoid injury. See the before you start section prior to dancing.

These routines or any other exercise routine may result in injury if done incorrectly. Stop if you are in pain and seek medical advice if the pain is severe or prolonged.

Please ensure before you start dancing that you are in a suitable space for moving, free of obstacles which could harm you. Please wear not restrictive clothing and supportive and protective foot wear.

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