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BLAM! - How to do 'The Rub' (a Motivational Office Warm-up)

Get warm and loose ;) Dance To This presenter Dina Mousawi got to meet the cast and try her hand at BLAMMING! But not until she'd mastered 'The Rub' warm up technique. If you want to have a more creative and adrenalin-filled time at the office then the show subtitled "Die Hard meets The Office" is for you and is on at the Peacock theatre London until 16th November and then touring the rest of Europe. It's physical theatre from Denmark combining dance, mime, circus skills, acrobatics, parcour and lots of movie references.
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Style cheesy dance
Date 11-November-13 23:35
From dancetothis
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BLAM! website all info on BLAM!
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BLAM! interview Dina gets BLAM!ed
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