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Jordan Coulson's showreel thumbnail

Jordan Coulson's showreel

Dancing and acting showreel. Dance To This edit and film your showreels :-) Get in touch at the contact address below for info.

Style: freestyle
From: dancetothis
Date: 04-04-12 20:26
Views: 6325
  • Currently 0/5 Stars.

Sonya Tayeh's 2012 showreel thumbnail

Sonya Tayeh's 2012 showreel

Wow. So the work for Kylie, Florence and the Machine etc looks great, but check the SYTYCD US choreo. Awesome.

Style: contemporary
From: dancetothis
Date: 06-02-12 14:15
Views: 6998
  • Currently 0/5 Stars.

Nadia Lumley Showreel thumbnail

Nadia Lumley Showreel

Awesome Bgirl action

Style: break dance
From: dancetothis
Date: 27-01-12 18:21
Views: 7145
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Dance To thumbnail

Dance To

Want to see what we do? Here's a quick taster.

Style: freestyle
From: dancetothis
Date: 16-03-11 08:22
Views: 17383
  • Currently 0/5 Stars.

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