Basic steps

Basic Steps: Hip hop - The Steve Martin w/ John Graham

Pineapple Studios hip hop teacher John Graham walks us through the Steve Martin, a move developed from the actor's move in a 1980s film. Dance To This have partnered with Pineapple Dance Studios in London to bring you a series of introductions to the main steps found in different dance styles. Don't forget to subscribe to get the next video first. If you're going to be in London, the drop-in classes available at Pineapple are divided into levels so you'll find something whether you're a beginner or a pro, or after just a bit of fun or a career in dance - check their website link above :)
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Style hip hop
Date 11-February-14 15:19
From dancetothis
Views 44561
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by Craziisana on 07-08-2014 20:08:28

I really do not know how to dance, I suck when it comes to dancing... I would really love to learn... Thanks


by Subha95 on 15-05-2014 05:05:59

great move n cracked it in 2 days n now playing with a track but i cant rotate my legs so fast. Hope that later with more practice i can do that to.Thumbs up for u and dance to this.......:)


by Badiasweetheart on 13-04-2014 18:04:31

your dance moves suck!

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