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Want to be a great dancer or try something new? This is where you get technique and style hints from our choreographers. If you want to hear some words of wisdom from those that have made it as dancers, then here are the cast and creative team behind A Chorus Line London giving their advice.

In need of a few specific dance tips and want help improving your style?  Log in and leave your dance question in the message box on this page and one of our choreographers will try to help. Good luck!



1. Impressive turns. Ever wanted to be able to turn quickly without feeling dizzy and falling over? The answer? When you start to turn your body fix your eyes on something straight ahead of you. Keep looking there until you can't keep your head to the front anymore, then flip it quickly round to the front again - and your head should arrive before your body gets there.....Yes - it takes a lot of practice. But when you've got it - it makes your turn look really quick. Enjoy showing off!

2. Balance. Wobbly? It's all in the abs. And the bad news is....you've got to work on strengthening your stomach if you want to stand on one leg without toppling... take a look at health and safety for some killer exercises. Yes they are.


1. Pop and commercial - a.k.a. jazz  - which usually has nothing to do with jazz music. It's a style of dance which crosses some ballet technique with some clubbing/disco/street moves, and is often featured in music videos. The tracks you tend to dance to are anything from pop to r'n'b. Check out moves to Madonna, Kylie, September and Duffy here.

2. Street, Hip Hop, House, Locking, Popping, Break Dance, Krumping - gets you down. Forget your perfect line, this is about easing into rhythm. It's about cool moves to r'n'b, hip hop and house tracks. This style is also featured regularly in music videos. Check out moves to Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Missy Elliot, Timbaland, Mr. V and Wiil.i.am here.

3. Contemporary Rock rocks. It's all about thrashing, blading and banging to indie rock music. Check out moves to Pendulum here.

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by Jeevanshusaxena on 07-06-2015 13:06:40

i know some stunt but not alll


by Babacar on 14-08-2011 18:08:09

can u guys teach me that


by Babacar on 14-08-2011 18:08:38

i want to learn advanced break dance, popping and robotics that will stun every one

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