Dance to this is all about learning new dances to great tracks, showing off your moves, connecting with dancers from around the globe and finding out what's going on in the dance world.

This is a website created by dance fans for dance fans of all ages and levels. Here's a taster of what we do.

How do I become a member?

Click on 'log in' in the top right hand corner and you will have the option to become a member and create your very own profile page.

Choose a username - all one word and all letters - and then you're ready to comment on dance videos, leave messages for other members and start uploading your own videos!


Do you have a newsletter?

Yes. Join our mailing list to be the first to find out when new routines and the latest video blogs are released. The newsletter sign up form is on the right on this page. You'll receive a confirmation email that you've signed up. Don't forget to click on the confirmation link to activate the account. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook -  the links are on the homepage.


What can I put on my profile page?

Once you have become a member, upload your avatar picture, tell everyone a bit about yourself, and then start picking your favourite routines from across the site.

Your own videos will be displayed on your profile page under ‘My Videos.' Select from the list of styles so everyone can see what you're in to.

What videos can I upload?

This is a community website. You can link any of your dance-related videos from You Tube and show off your best moves!
Visit Learn The Moves / Dance School for inspiration.

Do you do dance competitions?

There are no current Dancetothis competitions, but if you sign up to the newsletter and our twitter feed we'll keep you updated on any major competitions - either our own or for TV shows.

How do I meet other dancers?

Click on People:

This is where we all connect. Go here if you want to know more about our choreographers, meet other members of the Dance To This community, give us some feedback on the site or take part in our polls.

Check out our blog for the latest updates on the Dance To This community.

Looking for a Dance To This member? Enter their username or part of it in the left hand keyword box. Select 'for people' and click on the 'q' to search.

How do I find more videos?

Looking for a specific video? Put the keyword in the left hand box - e.g. 'Lucy' and then click on the section in the right box - so 'learn the moves' or 'choreographers' and this will take you to Lucy's videos.

How do I communicate with other dancers?

Rate your favourite routines and dancers, share the routines on your Facebook page or add them to your favourites on your Dance To This profile.

At the bottom of each profile page is a comments box where you can leave public messages for your friends and chat about routines and top moves.

What is Tracks to Dance To?

Get a selection of the hottest music videos currently burning up the dance floors.
Click on the tutorial to learn the routine, or buy the track on iTunes.

What is Learn the Moves?

The Dance School gives you a list of all our current routines.
Top moves will give you some impressive party pieces to show off.

What levels appear on the website?

Most of tutorial routines will be beginner level 1 to 3, occasionally we'll show harder routines, going up to level 5 for advanced dancers.

What styles appear on the website?

We aim to include all styles of dance as the site grows. If you can't find your favourite style then you can request it here.

How do I get started/warm up?

Health and Safety is important to make sure you are warmed up and get the most out of your dance.

We highly recommend that you Warm Up before attempting any dance routines.

Search for ‘Warm Up' in the keyword search box.

How do I give feedback on the site?

Leave us a message by going to People / Your Feedback.

You need to login to comment.


by Littyhanz on 12-09-2014 11:09:37

I want to learn how to do a split. could you help with that ? :/


by Ayesha on 02-09-2013 18:09:29

plz guide me how to use website? i m new one


by Suzieq168 on 15-04-2013 03:04:31

im getting invalid link when i try to upload.can someone explain how it should be done...


by Suzieq168 on 15-04-2013 00:04:32

im getting invalid link when i try to upload.can someone explain how it should be done...


by Bman198 on 02-03-2013 02:03:22

It wont let me upload any of my youtube videos saying invalid link...

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